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EPPA is an association of Europe’s leading industrial manufacturers of metal fences, gates and fence related products.

- EPPA promotes the sharing of experience, knowledge and innovation among its members.
- EPPA's aim is to create a European platform for a dynamic and professional branch.
- EPPA promotes the adherence to high standards.
- EPPA promotes the usage of modern perimeter protection products in the European market.

Our members meet and, where possible, exceed European standards.

We are committed to provide you and your property with safe and secure outdoor mechanical protection. Our modern branch offers state of the art products, providing a solution for each individual perimeter protection requirement.

By means of this website, we intend to guide you through the important process of choosing the optimal system or product to cover your needs. We will give you insight in product types, their functions and when to use them. You will find an overview of applicable European safety rules and regulations along with indications of what you may expect from your EPPA supplier in the fields of advice, product quality, services and warranty.
Along the way, Eppa will assist you in finding the right supplier.

Please use our website as a gateway to finding perimeter protection for your location!

Maarten Meulendijks
EPPA Chairman

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