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In order for you to be sure that metal perimeter protection products will perform to your requirements, and are good quality then it is necessary to ensure that the manufacturer’s products and services are compliant with EPPA’s minimum required standards.
The guarantee for metal fencing should cover the construction (static and dynamic forces) and the function. A 10 year guarantee on functionality is common (subject to the terms of the individual EPPA members warranty).

EPPA has designed a minimum set of requirements for metal perimeter protection products that will guarantee a good level of performance and security at all levels – basic, medium and high.

These parameters take into account the following factors:

*Resistance to intrusion – height, mesh dimension, wire dimension, climbability, penetrability, bar spaces and bar strength

*Rigidity – wind resistance, horizontal and vertical strength of post-panel connections, fixings, wire tensile strength, weld strength and panel stiffness

*Post stability – pull-down forces and post strength

*Longevity – minimum technical lifetime
(We have included technical specifications to enable to check whether the products that you specify are compliant with our criteria and with European standards.)

In situations where no minimum requirements are defined, EPPA propose to use risk analysis in order to find a solution that specifically meets your needs.

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